Take a break with your fellow mamas

MumNet is your chance to exercise and connect with other moms in your neighbourhood! 

  • Moms participate in a fitness class, a facilitated group session and squeeze in some much-needed child-free social time while children are cared for onsite.
  • MumNet I groups cater to moms with infants and young children. 
  • MumNet II (formerly MumVet) mothers have at least one preschool-aged child.
  • 17 groups meet weekly across the GTA. 
  • We are run mainly by volunteers. 
  • We are not affiliated with any cultural groups or religious denomination, and embrace all moms without discrimination.

Connect over issues that are important to you and to your kids, and make life-long friends in the process.

Good Human T-shirt

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Good Humans are authentic, kind, empathetic, positive, respectful, helpful, caring, thoughtful, funny, giving, moral, spiritual, engaged, involved, philanthropic, compassionate, powerful… Good Humans are people just like you doing good for others! MumNet invites you to leave your mark on the world and participate in something bigger, to be better and most importantly, to help each other. If your group volunteers together for a great cause then why not pick up team shirts and show the world how incredible MumNetters are? Everyone has the power to create change. We can all give back to the world in ways large and small.

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