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Wed, November 22, 2017 9:20 AM | Anonymous member

Guest Blogger: Lesley Stoyan of Daily Apple

The phenomenon of the ageless female form (think Madonna, Julianne Moore, Michelle Obama) is dominating tabloid and celebrity health media these days, with supermodels and Hollywood icons of “a certain age” looking better over 40 than they did in their twenties. The secret? It’s something that, as a double-decade health educator in a similar season of my own life, I have been devoted to finding out.

The trick to attaining this youthful physique appears to be simple...well for those with a strong resolve: a combination of daily “inside out” training (a.k.a. Pilates-style, “teeny-tiny dancer muscle” workouts incorporating high reps and low weights); a clean diet - mostly plant-based and calorie-restricted, incorporating as many whole foods as possible; using your feet as your main form of transportation – logging 10,000+ steps per day; and, sadly for many people, avoiding or limiting alcohol as much as possible (drinking on non-consecutive days, no more than 2 drinks per day, and avoiding sugary, mixed-based cocktails). Interested in jumping on board the timeless train? Here are a few tricks to throw into your daily mix:

  • Start your day with a “shot” (no it’s too early for tequila!) Combine one teaspoon of turmeric, the juice of half a lemon, a pinch of cayenne pepper and a cup of tepid water. Bottoms up!
  • Raw Raw Raw! Fuel your workday with as much fresh produce as you can, topped with a bit of protein. Try these two super easy take-away salads with under five ingredients each!
  • Order (affiliate links to Amazon) some of the equipment we use at MumNet for your home gym, such as 10lb Kettle Bell, 10lb Dumbbells, Fitness Loops (versatile and portable resistance training tool, great for upper and lower body workouts), Wooden Balance Board, Skipping Rope, Yoga Mat.
- Chopped Apple and Blueberry Breakfast Salad with Toasted Walnuts   and Maple Syrup Drizzle
- Red Cabbage and Lupini Bean Mason Jar Slaw with Rice Vinegar
  • Drink all day. Choose water with slices of fresh fruit, green juices, herbal or lightly caffeinated teas to keep you going
  • Never. Stop. Moving. Embrace your inner 5 year old...and hopefully you won’t get in trouble by your teacher...and MOVE! All day long! Book “Walkings” instead of “Meetings”. Meet your friends for fitness instead of coffee. Walk to deliver an in-person message to your office mate versus sending an email (you’ll likely get an answer faster too!) And NEVER take the elevator for floors 10 and under. Yup. Just like that.
  • YTrain. Wait, Y what? YTrain (yoga/pilates inspired exercise) is my signature method of working out – using the principals of inside out training, and finding those “teeny-tiny dancer muscles” (yup, we all have them, even without a tutu). Try a new Pilates class, or venture out to a trendy Barre studio. Or join me at one of my YTrain programs, featured regularly at MumNet Runnymede and Swansea, and at my midtown studio. You can do it! Crank up the “Lucky Star," strike a boat pose, and then wash it all down with a side of kale juice!


Lesley Stoyan, the owner of Daily Apple, is a certified lifestyle coach, personal trainer and yoga instructor, who has worked in both the commercial and corporate wellness sector for over 20 years, specializing in high performance athletics and family health programming. She is also a dedicated plant-based chef and social entrepreneur, co-founding the community-building non-profit company, The AppleTree Group. She developed her YTrain Method after giving birth to her son, Luke, in 2010, and has been featured in many publications and health journals on the specialized practice of post-natal fitness.

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