Board of Directors

Great news: we are looking for new volunteers to join our board table!

4 things that Board Membership can do for you:

  1. Build your network and contacts (both personally and professionally)
  2. Build your skills in diplomacy, persuasion, and leadership
  3. Raise your profile and improve your resume
  4. Share your ideas, skills, and expertise to help your community of Toronto mothers

We are hosting a Board Member information session on July 9th from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Swansea Town Hall to provide further information on volunteering with MumNet.

Join us to find out if a senior volunteer opportunity at MumNet would be a good fit for you - snacks will be provided!


Our Board of Directors works together to assist with the leadership and organizational oversight of MumNet, including: 

· Strategizing how best to promote and market MumNet in our local communities

· Planning social and fundraising events

· Creating a great member experience

· Ensuring the fiscal and legal health of the organization

If you can’t attend but know someone that might be interested, please share with your network. 

In addition to welcoming all applicants for committees and Director at Large positions, we are currently seeking women with interest and experience is the following areas:

If you are interested or have further questions, please email our president, Megan MunroWe would love to hear from you.

MumNet is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors through a number of committees. The current Board positions include:
  • Executive Director - Dominica Larkin
  • President - Megan Munro
  • Treasurer - Michiyo Leverton
  • Secretary + Governance - Lanette Wilkinson
  • Director - Valerie Corriveau - Fundraising
  • Director - Jessica Keating
  • Director - Stacey McNabb - Member Experience
  • Director - Jen Rowe - Communications
  • Director - Talia Novik


In addition to the Executive Director, MumNet is staffed by two part-time managers:

Program Coordinator - Natalie Higginson

Fitness Manager - Lesley Stoyan

Take a break with your fellow mamas

MumNet is your chance to exercise and connect with other moms in your neighbourhood! 

  • Moms participate in a fitness class, a facilitated group session and squeeze in some much-needed child-free social time while children are cared for onsite.
  • MumNet I groups cater to moms with infants and young children. 
  • MumNet II (formerly MumVet) mothers have at least one preschool-aged child.
  • 17 groups meet weekly across the GTA. 
  • We are run mainly by volunteers. 
  • We are not affiliated with any cultural groups or religious denomination, and embrace all moms without discrimination.

Connect over issues that are important to you and to your kids, and make life-long friends in the process.

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